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*Following up orders

*Sourcing suppliers

*Getting samples

*Visiting factories

*Negotiating good prices

*Quality control

*In-process Inspection

*Pre-shipment Inspection

*Container loading Inspection

*Trip preparation

*Exhibition Accompaniment.

We promise  >>>


1. Quick Response
Inquiry would be replied in 24 working hours. Please try to send us the inquiry with basic company information and full contact details.

Professional advices will be offered for the purpose of leading to reasonable cost, suitable design and the best quality.

2. Quotation
We would make the formal quotation in 48 working hours for regular inquiry. For our regular items, the quotation would be offered immediately.

3. Sample
1. Non-logo samples can be offered for the customers in free of charge.
2. Customized samples are also accepted to offer freely after customer confirms order and pays the deposit.
If customer request the samples before confirming order we would charge the samples fee.
All samples will be sent by freight collect.

4. Delivery

The delivery time is 25 to 30 days for regular quantity. But exact time should be subject to quotation sheet.
The delivery time starts from the day when deposit is received.
Note: We can offer support on urgent delivery for ordered customers.

5. Inspection
We will take double inspection both during the manufacturing and after package.

Why the inspection during the manufacturing necessary?
We need say that final inspection is not enough. The quality control during production should be highly valued. Once any mistake is supervised, we will correct it right away to avoid waste in following production steps. At the same time, delivery time is guaranteed.

We promise to offer not only products with world-class quality at competitive prices, but also world-class service to our customers. Inquiries or request from customers will be replied without any delay.

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